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ccredited has taken an active role to promote and preserve private surety bail. Accredited’s founder, Hank Snow, set the standard by realizing the industry needed more regulation and increased professional standards. Snow helped create the Florida Surety Agents Association (FSAA), which lobbied for legislation to implement stricter standards for bail agents. Florida’s bail statutes still serve as a model for other states, thanks to Snow’s dedication and leadership.

Debbie Snow and Sharon Jallad have followed in his footsteps to lead Accredited in a positive direction with a focus on public safety and educating the public about the value of private surety bail in the criminal justice system. Accredited helped lobby for the Citizens Right to Know Act in Florida, which makes the jail registry available to its citizens. Bail agents and the citizens of Florida are able to access and review the jail registry, making the county more accountable.

The growing government funded pretrial release program in Orange County, Florida has been a major issue we have had to address. To accurately inform and educate Orange County taxpayers, Accredited paid for a professional mailer to be sent out to educate them about the misuse of tax-payer dollars allocated to fund the pretrial services/release program at the Orange County Jail. We have received a tremendous response from concerned tax payers and will continue to educate and lead on this issue.

While traditional political awareness will remain important, Accredited is expanding its audience through the use of technology. By utilizing several social media outlets, Accredited has become more visible and is able to network with others in the industry, our loyal agent force, community members and elected officials. Accredited has begun branding its name and image by using Facebook, Twitter, and blogging. Accredited actively voices its message in a consistent manner, gives feedback to interested parties, and educates the community about the bail industry every day through social media.