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Online Data Provider

IRBsearch is an online data provider catering exclusively to investigative professionals: Bail Agents, Judgment Recovery Specialists, Process Servers, Professional Investigators, and Repossessors.

IRBsearch offers bail professionals the ability to assess liability before posting a bond and the ability to locate skips who fail to appear in court. IRB gives you access to more sensitive data than public databases because it includes Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act data: that’s information garnered from banks and lending institutions. When you need accurate and reliable data sources, you can count on IRBsearch.
  • IRB’s search capabilities allow you to combine specific sets of information on people to discover their assets, businesses, and relatives.
  • Easily export search data results in various file formats.
  • Liens and judgments, property assets, and bankruptcy searches help you determine bonding liability.
  • IRBmobile allows you to take your searches on the road and search for anyone from anywhere!
  • IRB offers free monthly training webinars for individuals, small groups, or large organizations.
  • Get 10% off all equipment from IRBstore as an IRBsearch account holder.
  • Save time and money by conducting your searches online.
In addition to exclusive data solutions, IRB provides bail agents with an entire suite of products and services. From surveillance equipment at IRBstore and smart phone capability through IRBmobile to complimentary training webinars and marketing seminars, IRB continuously serves the customer in order to improve productivity, increase profitability, and stimulate growth.

Plus, IRBsearch has developed special offers exclusively for new customers who are agents of Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc.

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