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Commercial Surety

Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc ceased actively writing direct non-contract commercial surety bonds in 2009. Today, the company writes Child Custody bonds and a limited number of bail agent license permit bonds. The company continues to service all existing bonds as well as process claims. If you need assistance with a surety claim please visit our Claims page.

Accredited partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to develop the child custody bond for family law attorneys and their clients. The company is proud to offer the Child Custody bond designed as a safety measure to protect children and as an incentive for parents to follow a court-ordered custody arrangement. Click on the link below for an application.

Child Custody Bond Application [PDF]


Accredited no longer accepts applications or renewals for Notary Bonds or Errors and Omissions insurance.

The Company will continue to service all existing active notary bonds until the commission’s expiration date. Name changes and supply orders will continue to be serviced and processed through Accredited as long the notary bond is active.

Should you require a new or renewal notary commission please see the Florida Division of Corporations for a list of approved companies who issue notary bonds.

Notary Supplies Order Form
Download our Notary Supplies Order Form [PDF] and purchase helpful Notary items to assist you with your Notarial duties.

Name Change Request
If your lawful name changes, you must request an amended commission by submitting the appropriate application form, a rider to the Notary bond, a name change fee of $25, in addition to new stamp and shipping fees. Contact your original bonding company for further assistance.

Once you have applied for a change of name, you may continue notarizing in your former name until the receipt of your amended commission and seal. You will be given a new commission number, but you will retain the same expiration date. You have 60 days from the day that you lawfully change your name to obtain a notice of change from your bonding agency. Failure to comply may result in suspension from office.

Download our Name Change Request for Notaries [PDF] who are currently bonded with Accredited.

Helpful Notary Links

  • Notary Education – information about the instruction required for first time Notary applicants:
  • Notary Education Course – the American Society of Notaries Online or Live Notary Education Course:
  • Governor’s Office – Initiatives – information on what you need to become a Notary, required notary education, guidelines for performing a marriage ceremony….and more. Based on laws governed by the State of Florida:
  • The American Society of Notaries – official website:


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