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Program Management – Admitted

As a nationally admitted property and casualty insurer, building on its reputation for innovation and service, Accredited Surety and Casualty partners with MGAs, general agents, program administrators, select brokers and reinsurers to offer a complete suite of program solutions for commercial and personal lines coverages.

T-listed with a proven track record since 1971, we provide personal engagement with every account, and offer balance sheet protection through securing the highest quality reinsurers.

Operating Strengths and Experience:

  • Underwriting
  • Due Diligence
  • Account Management
  • Program Claims Oversight
  • Program Audits
  • Finance
  • Actuary

Since each opportunity is structured as its own unique program, our expectation is that an opportunity will include reinsurance supported by highly rated, capitalized reinsurers or synergistic related captives.

All unauthorised reinsurers are required to collateralize to a minimum of 105%. Depending on the economics of the opportunity, Accredited Surety and Casualty may consider retaining a portion of the placement.

Business Profile:

  • Expert program producers and third-party claims administrators
  • $10M minimum annual program premium
  • Prefer minimum 2-3 years of program performance history depending on line of business
  • Highest quality reinsurance panels
  • Alternative reinsurance structures subject to collateralization

Please note that Accredited Surety and Casualty transacts business only through agreements with MGAs, general agents, program administrators and select brokers; the company does not write directly with or appoint retail agents.

For additional information or inquiries please contact the Program Management Team at +1 888-668-2791 or +1 407-629-2562.

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Key Facts

A Florida domiciled Property and Casualty Insurer

Licensed in all 50 states
and District of Columbia

Treasury Listed by the
United States to write
Federal Bonds

Founded in 1971

A.M. Best Rated A- (Excellent)

Financial Size Category: X

A Randall & Quilter Group Company