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Below are Bail and Indemnitor Applications as well as any state-specific forms that may be needed.  For your convenience the forms are in a PDF-fillable format and may be downloaded for future use.

Receipts for Premium and Collateral are individually numbered and are only provided in hard copy.

Please contact Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, Inc. at 1-800-432-2799 or by email at to request those forms.

Accredited reserves the right to remove or revise the forms as deemed necessary by the Company. While every effort is made by Accredited to comply with governing regulations, it is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that the form used is in compliance with the most current regulations in a particular jurisdiction.

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State Specific

South Carolina

Find bail resources specific to your region below:

Premium Rate

State Bonds:

Up to 15%

Minimum Premium:


Federal Rate:

Up to 15%

Minimum Premium:


Forfeiture Statutes

Forfeiture Time:

90 Days

Remission Period:

CODE OF LAWS OF SOUTH CAROLINA 1976 ANNOTATED TITLE 38. INSURANCE CHAPTER 53. BAIL BONDSMEN AND RUNNERS § 38-53-70. Issuance of bench warrant; remission of judgment.

At any time before execution is issued on a judgment of forfeiture against a defendant or his surety, the court may direct that the judgment be remitted in whole or in part, upon conditions as the court may impose, if it appears that justice requires the remission of part or all of the judgment. In making a determination as to remission of the judgment, the court shall consider the costs to the State or any county or municipality resulting from the necessity to continue or terminate the defendant’s trial and the efforts of law enforcement officers or agencies to locate the defendant. The court in its discretion may permit the surety to pay the estreatment in installments for a period of up to six months. If at any time during the period in which installments are to be paid the defendant is surrendered to the appropriate detention facility and the surety complies with the re-commitment procedures, the surety shall be relieved of any further liability.

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