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Veterans Program Requirements


There are five basic steps to becoming a licensed surety bail bond agent in Florida

  1. Take an approved 120-hour course.
  2. Take an approved correspondence course.
  3. Submit an application for temporary agent license and undergo a background check.
  4. Complete a one-year internship under a licensed bail agent.
  5. Pass a final exam given by the state Department of Financial Services (DFS).

Fees Include:

  • $600 for the 120-hour course.
  • $300 for the pre-licensing correspondence course.
  • Other fees may be required for fingerprinting and application submission.


Ohio residents wishing to become a surety bail bond agent must complete the following steps:

  1. Take the appropriate surety bail bond pre-license education course; this educational requirement can be met by either completing a 20-hour classroom course or successfully completing an approved self-study course.
  2. Upon completing the pre-licensing education program, applicants will be issued an original certificate of completion, which is valid for 180 days; the corresponding exam must be completed within this time frame.
  3. After passing the examination, an electronic background check will be conducted, the surety bail bond application should be completed along with an application fee.

Fees Included:

  • $150 application fee.
  • Other fees may be required for fingerprinting and application submission.


The initial insurance producer licensing process in Pennsylvania involves the following:

  1. Completion of 24-hours of pre-licensing education credits.
  2. Registering for the examination; there is an initial fingerprinting fee and a separate fingerprint processing fee upon passing the exam.
  3. Once the exam is passed, individuals can apply for the producer license electronically.

The Pennsylvania Professional Bondsman Act, 42 Pa. C.S. §5741.5749, regulates the activities of the bail bondsman. To become licensed as a professional bondsman in Pennsylvania, individuals must complete the Professional Bondsman application with an attached notarized statement confirming the following:

  • The bondsman has and maintains a suitable place of business in a fixed location in each and every county in which he conducts or intends to conduct business.
  • The bondsman has and maintains on the premises of the office a visible method of identifying the place of business as a bail bondsman’s office.
  • The bondsman has a telephone listed in his/her name under the address of the office, which is answered in a manner indicating that the location is a bail bondsman's office
  • The bondsman authorizes and designates a suitable individual at the place of business to accept service of process on his/her behalf (indicate specific name of individual)

Fees Included:

  • Live scan fingerprinting service fee of $20
  • Fingerprinting processing fee of $39
  • Sircon application service fees of $12.50 (approximate)
  • Resident insurance producer application fee of $55